{knitting} Breakwater Jumper - but not really.

Today I have a knitted thing to share! 
I started this jumper about this time last year and I only got around to finishing it a couple of weeks ago. It started life as the Breakwater pattern by Cecily Glowik-MacDonald but I deviated from it quite substantially. The neckline is the Breakwater but that's about it.
I cast on the second size, which I believe is for a 34-inch bust but I don't even know when I stopped following the pattern. The original is a pretty fitted jumper and clearly, mine is not. I had to frog and reknit the sleeves a few times until I got a shape and fit I was happy with.
I still knitted mine in one piece, just like the original pattern. I love sewing, even more than knitting these days, but seaming up knitting projects is something that I have always hated and always will hate with the passion of a thousand suns. 😖
Making up the pattern as I went along came with its pitfalls though. My raglan turned out to be a little too deep as you can see in the picture above. 
Although my sleeves fit well, there is some excess around the sides/armholes. See above and below.  Having never done anything like this on my own before, it's not that surprising that I wasn't 100% successful. However, if I'm completely honest, it doesn't bother me when I'm wearing it. It is such a comfortable jumper. 
The yarn is Baby Cashmerino which I've had in my cupboard for YEARS! I only had about 7 balls of the apple green - which has now been discontinued - so I wouldn't have been able to order more even if it was from a different dye lot. I decided to add stripes to it to make sure I could complete the jumper. I had 2 balls of the charcoal grey lying around and I thought they looked great side by side. 
Owing to the albeit small cashmere content, this yarn is incredibly soft! Even though it looks as if spring has certainly sprung around these parts, the sport weight yarn means I will likely be wearing this into the summer as it is a pretty lightweight jumper. 
I hope it wears well since, in my experience, soft yarn usually pills quite badly and fairly quickly. We shall see how this one fares. 
I am over the moon with this jumper. I am really into loose shapes at the moment and the boxiness of this is exactly the sort of thing I am hankering after right now.  It's a nice, cropped length as well which works well with jeans and also high waisted trousers. And how gorgeous is that colour? Apple green, grass green, lime green, whatever green it is, it is beautiful and it makes me happy. 
The only reason I took so long to complete this was because it bored me. So much straight knitting can be a blessing and a curse. It's great for working on in front of the TV but it gets boring pretty quickly, too.

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