{Jennifer Lauren Handmade} Ivy Pinafore in denim

I'm back with my new Ivy pinafore. Isn't she preeeeettay???
When I bought the denim from Sewisfaction for my Ginger jeans I bought enough to make an Ivy as well. The red one was more like a trial run to see how the pattern would suit me. I think I mentioned in that post that the red babycord was a bit too lightweight for the pattern. Don't get me wrong, it still works and I've worn it a few times but it could do to have more body.
This denim is perfect though. It does have some stretch but I didn't find that to make much of a difference, except for one small thing: that weirdness going on around my dart. Can you see it? It kind of sticks out. I can't decide if I stretched it or if the dart is sitting too low. It's only visible in this photo above. I'll have to pay attention when I wear the red one again and compare but I'm sure I would've noticed it if I noticed it on this one. I think it's just a case of pressing it too vigorously because it fits me just fine everywhere. It might sort itself out after a wash, possibly?
You'll have to excuse all the creasing. I'd just got back from seeing Captain Marvel so I'd been sat on it for 2 hours. Side note: the film is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and I think I'm going back to see it again. I'm old and soppy and I cried on and off throughout. 🤣 Even though it's taken far longer than it should have, I am so bloody glad we finally have women superheroes on our screens. Growing up it was commonplace for me to hear something along the lines of "You can't do that, you're a girl!" Sod that! Gender does not impose limitations on someone's ability to do things. There's still a long way to go but I can't tell you how happy it makes me feel that my daughter will have to put up with a lot less of that kind of shit than I did.
Anyway, back to the dress. I made the same size as last time, which was a version 1 straight 10, and I love the shape of this. It's loose and super comfortable but it still looks feminine and cute. 
The instructions direct you to flat-fell the centre front and back seams which I didn't do here. I just mock-felled them because I didn't want to deal with the bulk of eleventy billion folded layers of denim plus topstitching. 
Sorry about the rubbish phone picture here, but I always forget to get innard photos with the proper camera... I omitted the lining again, but following Jennifer's excellent blog post on how to make an unlined version gives such a tidy, clean finish. And I love the fun I can have with bias binding.
The all-important pockets are lined with leftover Atelier Brunette from my Willamette shirt and they are a really good size. 
The buttons are just for show again. The way I see it, why the hell would I want to put myself through the pain of buttonholes if I can get away without it? Who's with me? ✋ 
These "titty bun" 😂 (yes, I'm 11) buttons have been in my stash for years! They were leftover from a cardigan I made while I worked at baa ram ewe, when they were still in Headingley.
They're ceramic and I believe were handmade and painted in Africa. They used to be sold by a company called Injabulo and were part of an initiative to employ African mums, give them a fair wage and good working conditions. But from what I can see they're no longer making buttons, which is a bit sad.
Obviously, I had to get a pin or two on it because as far as I'm concerned, if you're wearing a pinafore and you don't have pins on it, YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG! 😁 Now, if you want to do it RIGHT  like me, you can go and get yourself some awesome pins from Pink Coat Club. She's got patches, stickers and all sorts of other fabulous sewing themed things. Plus, she is an all-around amazing human as well. This isn't sponsored, by the way. I just genuinely like them a lot. 
Paired with my Ivy is a Freya top from Tilly's Stretch book, one of my all-time favourite basics pattern. The fabric is a cotton jersey from Lamazi fabrics and, as I write, they still have some in stock.

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