{Tilly and the Buttons} Nora top and {True Bias} Lander Pants

I think I've just made myself the cosiest thing ever! It's a Nora top by Tilly and the Buttons and I want to live in it. I made the long sleeve, high neck, stepped hem version and it's quite possibly the quickest thing I've ever made. It came together in just a couple of hours one morning - and that's accounting for one or two stupid mistakes... Perfect beginner pattern.
As usual, I made the size 3 without any alterations. For next time, I might try to narrow the sleeves a little towards the wrists. Mostly due to the incredibly boring reason that I've struggled to keep the sleeves dry while washing up if I'm wearing this. 😂 I know, the adrenaline is off the charts.
I might also turn the deep cuff hem into cuff bands instead but this is just because I prefer the way that looks.
The fabric I used is this tubular organic interlock from Fabworks. As the name suggests, it does come as a tube. Very hand for cutting stuff on the fold on both sides. I love the bubble gum pink colour so much that I ordered more to get another Blackwood out of it. I know, I have a blackwood problem.
Also, I made jeans again... Kind of. It was not without its dramas but I absolutely love them to bits. And I'm unhealthily proud of my button fly so you'll just have to deal with it being in your face. 😆
I've had this stretch denim from Fabricate for A-G-E-S and I couldn't make up my mind about what I wanted to make with it. Then, after I finished these Landers I decided I wanted some dark denim ones for winter. I cut them out a while ago but had to stop halfway through to sew things with a bit of a deadline to them. I picked them up again last weekend to finish them.
My machine had a hissy fit with the topstitching and I actually broke the auto threader hook thing while making these. Just before I attempted the dreaded waistband, @lulluwillie on instagram told me to try double threading instead. It worked like a charm.
Yes, my topstitching is in 2 different colours but I don't care. I'm so over topstitching! In case you were wondering, the more yellow thread around the fly and the pockets is topstitching thread. The darker one on the waistband is double regular thread. Honestly, the difference between the two is not really visible at all.
I made a straight size 6, including the side seams. Like my last pair, I turned the hem up 2" instead of the 3" the pattern calls for.
I also changed the patch pockets to regular slash pockets, following this tutorial on the True Bias website. And another change was to swap the back pockets for the ginger jeans back pockets as I find the lander pockets far too massive. 😐
I love these two together and I see a few more Noras in my future. But I think this weekend might be calling for a Ness skirt to be made instead.

*Gorgeous background on these photos, courtesy of Clumber Park, where we've been for the last few days on our last caravan trip of this year. 

Pattern: Nora top by Tilly and the Buttons
Version: long sleeve, high neck, stepped hem
Size: 3
Changes: none
Fabric: organic cotton tubular interlock

Pattern: Lander pants
Version: C
Size: 6
Changes: front inside pockets, back ginger jeans pockets and hem 2"
Fabric: stretch denim

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