{Tilly and the Buttons} A Stevie top - or two.

After I made my first Stevie, I knew I'd want a few more in my life. I wanted to use one of the fabrics I brought with me from our summer holiday but I didn't have enough of it; so I moved on to something else until I settled on a different fabric. 
On one of my recent trips to Fabricate, I came across this gorgeous Dashwood Studio cotton and I knew straight away that I would turn it into a Stevie.
Stevie top by Tilly and the Buttons
The problem was, instead of trusting my previous version and the pattern itself, for some unfathomable reason I thought I would go down a size. Sure enough, it was preeeeeetty tight around the bust/underarm area and a bit restrictive. I was so miffed. Luckily, it fit my daughter perfectly so on it went into her wardrobe.
Stevie top by Tilly and the Buttons
All is well and good and far as wasted time and effort go, but my wardrobe is still short one gorgeous Stevie of dreams, ins't it? So what's a girl to do? Why, trek all the way up to Fabricate again, buy the fabric again, print the PDF again, cut the fabric again and make the top again, of course!
Stevie top by Tilly and the Buttons
Worth all the faffing, in my opinion. The fabric is so gorgeous I want to wear it forever. It's just a cotton but I love that print so much! It's a size 3 again, super simple to make and it's a very flattering shape.
I didn't turn the sleeve cuff up this time though. I find that with my first one the seam is a little too visible for my taste so I just left the cuff as an extension of the sleeve, if that makes sense.
Stevie top by Tilly and the Buttons
I chose to use a ribbon for the back closure on this version (my daughter's is from the same fabric as the rest of the top). I found it in Dunelm of all places, but mine is grey. They also had a coral one and I'm kicking myself now for not getting it. Maybe next time I'm passing I'll go in and see if it's still there.
Fun fact about the ribbon: I turn around to show my husband the back. He pulls a face: 
"Don't like it." 
I thought he was joking. 
"Really? You're kidding, right?"
"Nope. Don't like it. Don't like that ribbon."
"Why?! What's wrong with the ribbon?"
"It looks weird. It doesn't look like it should be there."
Nina walks into the room and I say:
"Nina, what do you think of the back of this one?"
"Oooooo... I love that ribbon!"

I knew I'd raised her right. 😂
Stevie top by Tilly and the Buttons

Oh, and yes, those are my Ginger jeans I'm wearing, in case you were curious.

Pattern: Stevie by Tilly and the Buttons
Version: top
Size: 3
Changes: didn't turn up the sleeve cuff
Fabric: cotton

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