{True Bias} Lander pants/shorts

Is anyone still out there...? My sewing motivation took a real nose dive at the end of last year and I actually didn't touch my sewing machine for about 6 months. Thankfully I'm over that hump now and I've been sewing up a storm for the last couple of months.
I have a backlog of stuff to blog about and had even decided on a rough schedule and everything. But all of that went right out of the window last night because... Well, these happened. 
True Bias Lander shorts
May I present to you my Lander shorts. And I have all the heart eyes for them right now. I finished hemming them at half 10 last night so I could wear them today. I love them so much.
I must have missed the release of this pattern while I was off the sewing grid last year. But it seems like it's exploded recently and I've been seeing it everywhere. All the versions I've seen are gorgeous. They look great on everyone and I love the button fly and big patch pockets on the front. I bought the PDF last Friday, cut it up over the weekend and finished it last night (Thursday).
True Bias Lander shorts
This was my first True Bias pattern and I'm sure it won't be the last. The instructions are *very* clear and thorough. With such a fairly involved project like this, at some point I will be unclear on one of the steps and will have to look it up online. Not this time. Even the button fly went without a hitch. I'm very proud of my fly, by the way, particularly the bar tacks which look so neat.
True Bias Lander shorts
I went for the shorts version because this was always going to be a wearable muslin. I wanted to test the fit and all the construction before cutting into my real fabric. I had some of this green left over from my Ultimate trousers and I didn't want another pair of trousers out of it. It's not exactly a colour that flies under the radar. Realistically, how many lime green trousers does one need?
True Bias Lander shorts
My measurements fall as a 6 on the waist and an 8 around the hips. However, the side seams are one inch wide and my fabric is pretty stretchy, so I just cut a straight size 6. I think I'll still stick with this size for the trouser version as well. The pattern calls for non-stretch fabric but I think I'll be able to get away with it with such a wide seam allowance. 
The fabric is from Fabworks (as usual) and they still have some in. It's a stretchy cotton twill and it's very well behaved. I only had a metre of it - well, 101cm - but that was plenty and there are still a lot of scraps left.
True Bias Lander shorts
I learned so much with this project. My topstitching has really improved. I had my old machine set up for topstitching and I did the construction with my newer one.
I have to say I'm super impressed with how my old girl handled the topstitching thread, even on bulky seams and over belt loops. Only one skipped stitch incident. Amazing. I'm never getting rid of her, that's for sure.
True Bias Lander shorts
Little scissors ready because there's always some thread left behind...
I wasn't sold on my choice of grey topstitching to start with, but I really like it now. The only thing I'm disappointed with is THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE: bloody buttonholes. Ugh! Man, how I hate them! I decided to make these with regular thread but in matching colour to my topstitching. It did not go well and they are a hot mess. Thankfully, they're mostly hidden behind the buttons so I can kind of let that go. I don't understand it though, because the one on my Ginger Jeans is pretty ok and that was done with topstitching thread. Maybe I'll do that again next time.
True Bias Lander shorts
That's all I have to say about those for now and I promise I will be back soon with more stuff to share.

Pattern: True Bias Lander Pants/Shorts
Version: View A, shorts
Size: 6
Changes: none
Fabric: stretchy cotton twill

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