{Lisette for Butterick} B6183 - baggy trousers!

Haha! That's right, I made me some baggy trousers! And I love them. I don't even know how I came across this pattern but I'm very glad I did. The trousers are fab and I think the top looks really cute, too. The trousers have a culottes option as well. I've already traced it but still need to find some fabric for it. Excuse the wrinkles, I'd been sat at the sewing machine before we took these pictures.
Lisette for Butterick B6183 - trousers
I cut a size 12 at the waist and graded down to a 10 at the hips. This is what I do with the big 4 for trousers and skirts. With dresses I can get away with a straight 10, unless they're quite fitted at the waist.
I narrowed the trouser legs by about 1 inch on each side seam, so half an inch on each pattern piece. The fit is very good and super comfy. The trousers close with an invisible side zip and a hook and bar on the waistband overlap, which I forgot to photograph. Sorry about that.
Lisette for Butterick B6183 - trousers
The trousers came up quite long for my 1.69m self though - that's 5'6" for you, imperial sorts. I had to cut off about 4cm, I think but I can't be sure now. I know baggy trousers are supposed to be almost touching the ground when you wear them but I find that very impractical. It's always raining here and they'd get filthy in no time so I like them about an inch off the floor - in flats. Not the case here, I know. And I agree it looks weird from the back. Why did I pick these super high shoes? I'm sure I had a reason. Laziness, probably. I looked ok from the front though. 
Also, you can't tell from these photos but I think I was drunk when I hemmed these. There's a 2cm difference between each leg. Seriously! It's terrible and I have no idea what I did for that to happen... I'm going to have to even out and re-do the hem.
Lisette for Butterick B6183 - trousers
The fabric is from yes, you guessed it, Fabworks. It's a wool and viscose blend with a little bit of stretch. The colour isn't quite right on these images. It's a deep teal, petrol blue kind of colour and IT. IS. GOOOORGEOUS! It's out of stock at the moment but maybe it'll come back?
This was my first time working with wool at the sewing table and I loved it. The trousers are so warm and cosy. I can't wait to go get some more wool and make some skirts and jackets now.
Lisette for Butterick B6183 - trousers


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