{Deer & Doe} Bruyère Shirt

As some of you may know, we've been having a bit of a hard time with Johnnie, our old boy. He can't move his hind legs because we think a disc has slipped and is pressing on his spinal cord. He's in no pain, which is the most important thing, but he needs constant care, assistance to go to the loo, eat, drink, etc. I've not done a lot of sewing recently but finishing this baby has got me motivated to get back to it properly. 
Deer & Doe Bruyère Shirt

This is my Bruyère shirt, by Deer & Doe Patterns. The more I skulk around their website, the more I want all of their patterns. This is my third go with a DD pattern and I've been really pleased with each one of them. The first one can be found here.

I only finished it yesterday but I'm so in love with it that I wanted to show it off straightaway. I have to admit that I had never paid too much attention to this pattern before. Another shirt, ok, whatever... Yes, I'm an idiot, right? It's a gorgeous twist on a shirt, actually.
Deer & Doe Bruyère Shirt
Back pleats
The shaping on the bodice comes from bust and waist darts, a waistband pulls everything in and there are pleats on the skirt that help it flare out. It's such a flattering shape. The collar is a flat one, which was a first for me. 
Excuse all the bits of thread coming from the seams. My photographer clearly doesn't have an eye for detail. Thanks, Ginner!
Deer & Doe Bruyère Shirt
Happy face because I can see a plane but I'm not on it. Phew! 

This was always going to be more of a wearable muslin. I wanted to check the fit first so I used a super cheap cotton poplin. I picked it up at a craft shop in Cheddar when we were there over the summer. The print doesn't lend itself to show off the details but, at only a fiver a metre, I can't say I'm that bothered. 
Deer & Doe Bruyère Shirt
I made a straight size 38. I could do with a teeny weeny bit more room around the waist next time. Other than that, I think the fit is spot on. I bloody love the sleeves. They're not massively loose but they're super comfortable and not restrictive at all.
The instructions are pretty good. One thing I found weird was that there was no mention of interfacing the button bands. I did mine anyway but I sewed this up in a dog related haze so I could have just missed it. 
Deer & Doe Bruyère Shirt
The inside is completely French seamed, except for the armholes, which I just overlocked. The order of construction was a little different to what I've done in the past but it makes for a clean finish inside. I was particularly impressed with the way the button band is attached to the front of the shirt. It'll make no sense if I explain but it goes on after hemming and it's all self contained. Very cool.
One thing I wasn't crazy about was the way the cuff is attached and I ended up doing it slightly different.
Deer & Doe Bruyère Shirt
Love me my plackets
The cuff plackets were also done in a way I've not seen before. DEAD. EASY! It was a revelation. I am NEVER doing bound cuff plackets ever again!

So, all in all, I am very happy with my new shirt and I need more Deer & Doe patterns in my life. Good thing I've got another one of their skirts cut out already...

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