{sewing} Sewaholic Pendrell blouse - the reboot

Quite possibly the *girliest* thing I have ever made. EVER! But I really, really love it. 

Isn't it fab? The pattern is the Sewaholic Pendrell blouse. This is my second version (first one can be found here) of it. It's a super simple pattern, very flattering and easy to wear. This time I decided to add some detail to it rather than just making the plain version. I love the pleated sleeves. 

Colette Zinnia & Sewaholic Pendrell (4)
I'm not 100% happy with the final result though and that is all down to my silly, silly self. Take a look. 
I let my overlocker eat my fabric!!! It was my own fault, anyway. I was too tired, I knew I was too tired but I decided to carry on all the same. To make matters worse. It wasn't even the first time. And I'm ashamed to say it wasn't the last time either. Seriously, I accidentally fed one of the sleeves through it *AGAIN*, the very next day! What's wrong with me?! #EPICFAIL
Colette Zinnia & Sewaholic Pendrell (5)
The fabric is, like last time, leftover fabric. This is from my Sewaholic Alma blouse, which I only just realised I haven't blogged about at all. It's a cotton that has the arrows embroidered onto it. I got it from Fabworks but they unfortunately no longer have any left. Trust me, I asked so I could make it again, without the patch...
I'll definitely be giving this another whirl. If for nothing else, to prove to myself that I can make it again without making a huge pig's ear of it. It's a wonderful pattern and, although I wasn't sure about those sleeves while I was making it, I now think they're gorgeous and add something extra special to an otherwise fairly plain top. The fit is great, too. But there are no closures, so it's an over-the-head job and you need to be careful if sizing down.

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