{sewing} My Agneta dress

Next up, my Agnes + Moneta = Agneta dress!
Having fallen head over heels in love with the Agnes pattern - you can read about it here, I had to make a fifth version of it, didn't I? Technically I made it into a dress this time but I suppose it still counts. I don't think the love affair will stop here though. I have fabric for another dress and maybe a top, too. So yes, I think it's safe to assume I'm obsessed and it is set to continue.
"Agneta" Dress

It was dead straight forward to make. I cut the Agnes bodice a little shorter - around my natural waistline. Then I cut out the skirt of the Moneta pattern and sewed the two together. Since it's a gathered skirt, it's easy to make it fit. You don't even need a skirt pattern if you want a gathered one  - you can just cut a big rectangle of fabric of the size you want - but I thought it was easy enough to use a pattern piece if I already have one. If it saves me from having to do any maths, I'll take it anytime.
"Agneta" Dress
The end result is pretty much what I'd envisioned. I wish the bodice was a little longer though, so next time I'll fix that. But it's still great and very comfy to wear. I just don't like the way a belt sits if I choose to wear one. And I didn't have enough fabric for pockets either which is a bit of a bummer. The top is the plain, long sleeve version of the Agnes. I think I sewed this up in about 3 hours - and I'm a very slow sewer.

Can I just say how much I L-O-V-E the shape of the neckline on this pattern? It's the perfect neckline for me. 
"Agneta" Dress
The fabric is the same as one of the original Agnes tops I've made. I'd bought enough to make the top and try the dress mashup as well. It's quite a stable jersey, with a bit of body to it so it'll be handy for the cooler months (probably as of next weekend, judging by the way this summer is going this year). But I hope we have some more summer dress weather coming to us, like we had recently. Up until then, this spring/summer had been the worst I've ever had since I moved here. 

I'm pretty happy with my Agneta dress. I finished it in June and I got loads of wear out of it already - yup, that just proves how bad the weather has been if I can wear this in the height of June... Can't wait to make more though.

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