{knitting} Miss Gordon's Fallow mittens

Today I'm back with the last of the teachers' presents for this year. Miss Gordon's Fallow mittens. I've made them before but in a DK. This time I chose a worsted (trusty old Cascade 220 Superwash yet again) and went down a needle size. It worked a treat! My first pair is quite loose on my hands but this one was the perfect fit, which means I'll have to make another pair for myself.
Fallow Mittens

The pattern is written in a slightly confusing way, going back and forth between two yarn weights and full or fingerless mittens. But once you get your head around that, it's very straight forward and intuitive. Plus, it's charted. Yay!
Miss Gordon was Liam's teacher this year and she also taught both of the children while they were in nursery. She's brilliant. We found out she's leaving to be a Head Teacher at another school in January. I'm glad I got a chance to make her something a bit special before she goes.
Fallow Mittens
Some people may have seen this picture (below) on my instagram feed recently... Yes, there are mittens in my oven. And no, it isn't as dirty as it looks, I promise! 
Anyway, let me explain why I have mittens in the oven. As I was knitting the ribbing on the second mitten, my son drops on me that Miss Gordon was "finishing tomorrow, not Monday, by the way..." Great! This was Thursday evening and I was counting on having the weekend to finish these. So I ended up having to do some super speedy knitting until about midnight, soak them, remove excess water and leave them blocking overnight.
Fallow mittens
When I woke up on Friday they were still a little damp. So I had to resort to sticking them in the oven, on a low heat, hoping they'd dry before school picking up time so all that effort didn't go to waste. Kids, eh? Who'd have them?!
However, she was very happy with them and that's what matters in the end, right?

That's it for today. Thanks for coming by!

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