{sewing} A heap of Agnes tops

Hello, there! For this post I decided to group together 4 different items, because they've all spawned (what a horrible word!) from the same wonderful pattern: the Agnes top. So, a little warning: there will be LOTS of photos.
I've had my eye on the Agnes pattern since it was launched. It's a pretty basic jersey top at its core, but you can add ruching on the neckline and shoulders, change the sleeve length and/or make them gathered. Very versatile.
Agnes top by Tilly and the Buttons  Agnes top by Tilly and the Buttons
After MeMadeMay, I realised I didn't have enough me-made, casual stuff in my wardrobe. As much as I love dresses and I wear them way more now that I can make my own, my day to day thing is separates. So I made plans to sew more casual tops and tees to fill that gap. Not only that, I gave a lot of stuff away so that it'd force me into it by means of necessity. Yep, I'm a hard-ass!
The first top (above) has ruched and gathered sleeves. I left the neck plain because I thought it'd be too much girliness in one top, what with all the flowers and all... And I was right. Just the right amount of cutesy.
Agnes top by Tilly and the ButtonsAgnes top by Tilly and the Buttons
This second one has the same sleeve length but the neck and sleeves are plain. The print is too busy so any ruching would just be lost in it. Plus, I've gotta be honest: although I love the ruching, I've become loads better at it and Tilly's online class made it so much easier, I still think it's a royal pain in the arse to do it! Fabric is here.
Tilly and the Buttons Agnes top   Tilly and the Buttons Agnes top
This flamingo one was the first I made and I really, really love it. Despite the unfortunate flamingo boob placement I ended up with. To be fair, it could have been a much worse print than a flamingo to have over your boobs so I'll just stick with it. This version has the plain, long sleeves and the ruched neckline.
Tilly and the Buttons Agnes top
Please, excuse this last picture. We'd just arrived from the Lake District after Ginner's triathlon and I was very tired and sleepy. But this last version has the whole shebang: ruching on the neck and sleeves, as well as the gathering - the ruched sleeves option is gathered, so you can't have one without the other. Fabric is here.

The pattern is usual Tilly and the Buttons fare: lots of beautiful pictures with helpful, clear and easy to follow instructions. I got my pattern through signing up for Tilly's Learn to Sew Jersey Tops workshop which is great. Although I'd already made some things out of stretch fabric in the past, I did learn more techniques by watching the class. And I have to say: Tilly's explanation on how to do the ruching is crystal clear. I was terrified of trying it but it all went ok. I still need more practise but that goes for every new thing you learn, I suppose.

The fit is spot on. And the ruching makes me look booby, which is ALWAYS a bonus! Always. 

All the fabric on this post came from Fabworks Online. Well, it actually came from the bricks and mortar shop but whatever... ;) The two I could still find online have links to them. The flamingo one was still available in the shop until a couple of weeks ago but the floral one I didn't see last time I went in. Which I'm gutted about as I wanted more to make a dress from... Hey, ho! Next time I'll just buy more fabric. Lesson learned!

Phew! That was a long one. Thanks for stopping by! See you next time.

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