{sewing} Me Made May: conclusions and lessons learned

Okay, so May is now well and truly over and with it we've seen an end to Me Made May as well. This year was my first time taking part and I enjoyed it so much!

I've found lots of new people and blogs to follow. Which in turn has given me so much inspiration and ideas for things I want to do and try next.

The conclusions I come away with though are twofold: 

- I AM DESPERATE FOR TROUSERS! Seriously, I've got one pair of baggy ones and a jumpsuit. Other than that, a big fat ZERO! But the ladies at Sew Over It have mind reading powers and just released an online class today all about trousers. I've already signed up here but as I'm writing this from my mobile I can't be bothered linking it up right now. and can't wait to get started.

My second conclusion is that I need more proper casual wear, like t-shirts and simple tops. I'm already on it though, as I signed up for the Agnes class at Tilly and the Buttons which I'll link up once I'm home.

Overall, I really surprised myself with how many items I actually have which are made by me. But also how wearable everything is and how well things match with each other. For my first year, I am super proud of myself. How was your Me Made May?

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