{sewing} Colette Patterns' Laurel dress

Today I have the Colette Laurel to show you.
It's a simple shift dress, with elbow length sleeves, a zip closure in the back, bust and back darts. There is also a variation for a pullover top and another to add gathered cuffs on the sleeves.
Colette LaurelColette Laurel
I went with version 2, which is the dress and the addition of patch pockets to the front. I cut a size 4 and made no changes to it whatsoever. I'm very happy with the fit and that I can wear it loose and be comfortable; or cinch it in to give it a bit more shape if I want to. Very versatile!
Colette Laurel
I only gave myself 2 days to make this (no, it would appear I will never learn) and didn't have a zip to hand in the size I needed. So once I had it ready for the zip insertion I just basted the back seam closed and tried it on as a pullover dress. It worked perfectly and I ran with it.
Colette Laurel
The only problem I had was when I was setting in the sleeves. I HAD A MISERABLE TIME WITH IT!!! My gawd, there was a lot of swearing involved... There was SO MUCH FABRIC to ease into the armhole that I had to admit defeat and just let it gather slightly. It's not terrible. No muggles will notice it. Hell, even I don't notice it so I'm over it. But it was a bitch to sew! Now I want to try the top version and compare it with the dress to see if it's any different.
Colette Laurel
The fabric is a 100% cotton that I've had in my stash for about a year. It's almost like a fleur de lis pattern in grey, green and yellow - the best colours! When I chose to add the patch pockets I decided I was going to pattern match it and it worked. Just don't ask me to tell you how I did it because it was the first time I ever attempted it and I'm convinced that it was a massive fluke. But, hey, I'll take it! They look amazing. I'm also 100% happy with my reinforced triangle stitching in the top corners. So stupidly proud of my effort! Go, me!
Colette Laurel
Although I didn't even try to match the back seam - it never occurred to me - but the pattern is so busy that it isn't obvious. Plus, I don't think I'll ever be that anal about pattern matching. Unless it's going to be really, really noticeable. But maybe I'll change my mind when I finally work out how to do it properly and totally on purpose. :)

See you next time!

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