{knitting} WIP Wednesday - Lauriel cardigan

Although I do have some finished items to share, I decided to talk about a work in progress I've got going at the moment. It'll be short and sweet but I wanted to do it because I'm very excited about it.
Lauriel in progress

This is my Lauriel cardigan. I've knitted this pattern before but it wasn't for me. Fast forward a few years and I decided to knit it up again, but this time I get to keep it. I'm really enjoying working on it. I've had a break from it over the last couple of weeks in favour of sewing, but last night I made some real progress on it.
Lauriel in progress
Check it out! Before I picked it back up this weekend I hadn't even finished the yoke... I love the leaf motif (ooo, look, it rhymes!) and I'm very pleased with how much stitch definition this yarn is showing.
Lauriel in progress
Plus, short row sleeve caps will never cease to amaze me! Just have a look at that. It's a thing of beauty. Not only that, I have an absolute blast working short rows. Just can't wait to have a denim blue cardigan added to my wardrobe. It'll go with absolutely everything.

Hopefully I'll get loads of it done next week: can't ignore my knitting to go sewing if we're camping, can I? Although I'll be cutting up a Colette Laurel tomorrow, if everything goes to plan but shhhhh! Don't tell my knitting!

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