{knitting} A WIP and a pile of socks

So, on my last post I finished by saying I didn't know when I'd be able to show a new finished project because I hurt my hand. Apparently, my brain was off that day because as soon as I published that I realised I have 2 other projects still to show... I think I've forgotten them because I'm not wearing them yet since it's still really cold. Anyway, I still need to sort through the photos so here is a knitting WIP for now.

I've got some more socks on the go, too, but I fancied a little instant-ish gratification this week. I only started it on Sunday night and I think I'll finish it tonight. Thanks be to a MASSIVE binge on The Walking Dead. My reading is suffering from all the TV watching but, as you can see, there are no signs of that when it comes to my knitting...

Isn't it gorgeous? Look at that stitch definition! I love me some Malabrigo! I'll talk about it in more detail once it's finished but I'm really enjoying it. It's wonderful to be working on something that grows quickly again.
And I'll leave you with a cool shot of a pile of freshly washed hand knitted socks. I noticed it this morning and thought the colours looked nice together. Now let me get The Walking Dead back on so I can get on with that hat!

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