{knitting} FO: Skiff by Brooklyn Tweed

Hello, again! And looky what we have here... A finished project and bonus orange beard shots for you to feast your eyes on. Yep, I finished the hat! It was a super quick and fun knit. But as you can guess, I had to give it to Ginner.

The pattern is Skiff by Jared Flood from Brooklyn Tweed fame. I love all his hat patterns. Every one I've tried was very clear and easy to follow. This one was a little bit confusing at the beginning. It took me a while to work it out but I got there in the end.

One thing that was very different from other hat patterns I've made was how many stitches it leaves to fasten off at the end: 48! I thought it'd never work with so many stitches and worsted yarn. I had no reason to worry though. I followed the instructions as written and it worked just fine.

The yarn I used was Malabrigo Merino Worsted - surprise, surprise! And it was a pleasure to work with, as always. Soft, squishy and look at that stitch definition. I'm a huge fan. A word of advice though: it really does grow once you block it. Like, loads! When I finished knitting it, it looked just like a beanie hat. Now it's a slightly slouchier one and a bit longer. 
Can we take a moment to marvel over this colour? I know a lot of people aren't fussed about them but I am a lover of greys. In all shades and hues. This colourway is Frost Grey and I am in love with it!

I wanted to keep the hat for myself but ended up having to give it to Ginner. Maybe it's a good thing. If the hat had stayed with me we wouldn't have the gorgeous ginger beard making an appearance for us! Ooooo... I had a feeling it might come out too big. There are a few comments on ravelry about how big the finished hat comes out. It does fit me but it's not as snug as I'd like it to be. 
I know. I know! That's what swatching is for but I refuse to make a swatch for a hat. The amount of time and yarn it'd take me to knit a swatch would be better spent just knitting the hat itself.

For most patterns, I am a loose knitter so I know to start off at least one needle size down from what the pattern calls for. I did that - you can see the technical details here -  but it wasn't enough. The yarn I picked seems to be way heavier than the one they used. But I'm ok with it. I half expected it.

Look at all these delicious cables! Seriously, how pretty is this? With each new cable project I feel more and more smug that I've learned to cable without a cable needle. It's so much faster and easier this way. Not to mention way more enjoyable than having to faff around with a cable needle several times a round...
I'm definitely knitting this again and I will use smaller needles and maybe thinner yarn, too. When I make my own I will add  a pompom to it. Ginner hates them so he wouldn't let me add one this time.

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