{off the needles} FO x 2: Brattleboro II and Habitat

You may or may not know that we spent last Christmas over in Philadelphia, visiting my best friend and her husband who are living there temporarily. Naturally, I had to take knitted goodies for them both.

For Ludmila, I made another version of my Brattleboro hat because when she saw mine she asked for one. Since I had half a skein of Malabrigo Worsted left from a different hat, I thought why not? I was originally going to send the hat to Brasil because when I started it their move to Philly wasn't on the cards yet. Lucky for us all, plans had to be changed.

Brattleboro Hat at Rittenhouse Square

I love the contrast with the buttons, which came from Textile Garden, though it doesn't look like they carry them in this colour anymore. But there is a nice orange version now, right at the bottom of the linked page.

I think cloche hats suit everyone, plus they have a lovely 1920s look to them that I really like. Stick a red lippy on and BANG!, you're straight out of the Great Gatsby! The ravelry link is here.

For Rafa I decided to make a Habitat by Jared Flood. It's been on my list for a long time and I thought the yarn I wanted to use was going to be perfect for it. It was leftover from a cardigan from a few years ago. Cheap and cheerful Cygnet Wool Rich Aran which has now been discontinued - or so ravelry tells me.

I think the look of cables is amazing. It never fails to impress me. It's almost as if someone carefully and painstakingly attached lengths of ropey knitting to the work while at the same time, twisting them this way and that. It is such an effective technique. And if you can do it without a cable needle, you're laughing! Which I can because I really can't be bothered with the faffing involved with using a cable needle. Life's just too short!

Personally, I think this looks great. Though I do have to admit that if I'd had Rafa's head measurements to hand I'd have made it a little longer so that it would cover up his ears properly. On the other hand, he's moving back to Brasil soon so I hope he won't have to wear this hat during such a harsh winter as the one he's had to face this year.

If you want to learn to cable without a cable needle, check out this video on the knitty.com website. My way is slightly different, with fewer steps but this is a good starting point.

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