{on the needles} WIP: Flanders Bay has a body

I finally have some progress worth showing on my Flanders Bay jumper. Yeehaa! This year has started to speed up towards the end and I do not like it at all - but at the same time I do, because it means we're getting closer to our holiday. The downside is that I have bucket loads still to sort out and time seems to be running out. It was only a few days ago and I was thinking: "I've got bags of time. It's still September." Errr...

Anyway, I finished the body of the jumper. Ta-da:
Flanders Bay Pullover

I'm not very happy with my beginning and end of rounds. Because of it I didn't enjoy knitting the stripes at all. I don't think I'm 'carrying' the yarn properly but I lost count how many times I've changed my method, unpicked, restarted, etc. So I'll just have to live with it. It's on the side and no one will notice. If they do they're too bloody close anyway.

Flanders Bay body leftovers
What amazed me the most so far is how much yardage I got out of this yarn! I did the whole body on less than 2 x 100g balls. The two tiny balls above are what's left. Yes, I'm tiny and yes, there is a 3-inch or thereabouts band with anchors on it. But still, I think that's pretty impressive!

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