{QAYG} Sunglasses Case

Man, keeping up with blogging while the children are at home is H-A-R-D! Much harder than I thought. I cannot work out where my time goes. School holidays = time blackhole.

However, I have managed to find lots of time to get some sewing and other things done. Which is a good thing as I can share the stuff here when I get round to photographing them all.

Today I have my QAYG (Quilt As You Go) sunglasses case to show. I took an amazing QAYG class over at Craftsy a few weeks ago. The instructor, Tara, is so so so so helpful! And she seems to be very nice, too. After the class, I couldn't wait to try the technique but I was too scared to try the actual bag. So I thought I'd make a sunglasses case.
Sunnies Case - front
Isn't it super cool??? I'm in love with it. And although it looks quite straight here all I used was scraps which I didn't even bother to square up. The straightness is just a happy coincidence. The back is a little more wonky, as you can see here.
Sunnies case - back
I really enjoyed quilting as I went. It will definitely be happening again soon. Ish...

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