In which Ginner gets a pinny

It was good while it lasted. No, actually it was GREAT while it lasted but as it was expected, our British heatwave has come to an end... This morning I actually was woken up by an extremely loud thunder!
Barbecue monkey 
For the almost 3 weeks of heat the Grundys had more barbies than I can count. And Ginner finally got his apron - which I started about 3 years ago... Oops! I'm so rubbish.

The apron in the kitchen
It was the very first ever item I've ever sewn. I really like the pocket fabric on the blue. The red and white check looks decidedly cooking and kitchen related to me.

Mr Barbecue-man
I don't know what took me so long to finish it. At least it's ready in time for more barbies, hopefully, until the end of this summer. The pocket has 3 different sections: 1 wide enough for a phone and other bits to drop to the bottom and 2 long and narrow ones for utensil handles to slot in.

Go away with this bloody camera already!
I think he likes it - but I think he likes his meat more... May the barbecue weather continue long into the autumn!!!

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