Spots, butterflies and chocolate balls

So I haven't posted in a few days... Life's been getting in the way but normal service seems to have been resumed now, thankfully!
Não posto faz uns dias... Foi a vida me atrapalhando mas agora tudo já se normalizou.

As I mentioned before, I am doing this:
Como eu já disse outro dia, estou fazendo parte nessa KAL:

It was all going incredibly well and I finished the first sock in about 4 days - which is unheard of for me! I had hoped to have the sock finished by last weekend but of course knitting had to get its own back and play a trick on me, didn't it? And it was a good one!!! I finished the full leg of the second sock and as I got ready to start the heel flap, it suddenly dawned on me... The sock's design is bloody mirrored and I had gone and knitted the left leg chart again! What an idiot...
Estava tudo indo super bem e eu terminei a primeira meia em apenas 4 dias. Achei que fosse terminar o par no fim de semana mas os deuses do tricô tinham outros planos pra mim... Terminei a segunda perna e, quando estava prestes a começar o calcanhar, percebi que tinha usado o mesmo gráfico mas o desenho é espelhado! Que imbecil!
Butterflies are Free

After a lot of hurt and stupidity-induced sickness I've now redone it and there is a heel flap. Today is day 15 of the KAL and there are some links here for the other participants' blogs. They're all lovely people and I have really enjoyed interacting with them all so far. I want more KALs!
Após muita dor e vômito induzido por estupidez, já refiz tudo e terminei o calcanhar. Hoje é o 15° dia  e aqui se encontram alguns links para os blogs das outras participantes.
Butterflies are Free
Earlier this week we had some drama at the Grundy's. Sickness bug! Argh! Inexplicably, I escaped unscathed. I was extremely surprised because I ALWAYS get whatever the children bring home from school with them. This time though, the boot was well and truly on the other foot and it was hubby who got the short end of the stick. So once this Armageddon had passed, I had to cheer myself up and I created some spots! I am very pleased with how this came out as I'm not really one for nail art, a)- because I suck at it and b)- because depending on what it is it isn't really me. Maybe I feel too old for it, I don't know.
No início dessa semana tivemos drama na casa dos Grundys. Virose de vômito e etc! Inexplicavelmente, eu escapei. O que surpreendeu demais pois eu sempre pego tudo o que os gordos trazem da escola. Dessa vez ficou pro maridão! Depois desse Armageddon, precisei me animar então criei bolinhas! Fiquei muito satisfeita com esse resultado, ainda mais sendo que eu não sou praticante de nail art...
Colour inspiration for them came from this post on Sarah's blog.
A inspiração para as cores veio desse post no blog da Sarah.

And, as the title of this post has promised, I cheered myself up even further with these:
E, como o título desse post prometeu, me animei ainda mais com isso:
Now these are a  Brasilian delicacy called Brigadeiros. Every kids' birthday party worth its salt has hundreds of them on offer. They have got to be my top favourite, most delicious sweet EVER! And it is soooo simple. All you need is: 
- a tin of condensed milk (I use Carnation)
- 2 tbsp of cocoa powder (I used Rowntree's but Bournville is just as good, if not better!)
- some people add butter to it as well but I don't bother.
Como todo brasileiro que se preste sabe exatamente o que são esses e como se faz, não vou traduzir o resto do post...

Put it all in a microwaveable dish and mix until all the chocolate lumps have gone. Then, stick it in the microwave and time roughly 6 minutes. Every sort of couple of minutes or less it will bubble up to the top of the bowl. Take it out every time it happens - keep a close eye on it, trust me on this one and don't ask me how I know! Once it's out, give it a quick stir and put it back in. Repeat this 3 or 4 times and then leave it to cool. 

Once it's cooled down, eat it with a spoon - the best way! - or, if you have the patience of a saint and don't mind getting very sticky fingers, grease your hands, roll it into balls and cover it in chocolate strands or hundreds and thousands. Now, stuff your face!

See you next time!
Até a próxima!

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