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I decided to join a KAL. I've never done it before but an online friend suggested it and I though: Why not? (Thanks, Petra!) So the idea behind it is to pick a pattern that will challenge you in some way. I've done a lotta socks. Cuff-down, toe-up, two at a time, one at a time... The one thing I hadn't tried and have wanted to for a while is a colour work one.
Decidi entrar numa KAL - knit along: Um grupo de tricoteiras escolhe um projeto pra todo mundo fazer junto. A idéia dessa kal é escolher uma meia com uma técnica nova, pra te desafiar. Uma amiga online sugeriu e eu aceitei. Como eu já fiz muitas meias, a única coisa que eu ainda não tinha tentado era mais de uma cor.
Butterflies are Free
So I chose the Butterflies are Free pattern. It's been in my ravelry queue for a long time. Now I finally bit the bullet and am going for it. The KAL started on Thursday, the 24th and I think I did pretty well. I didn't have time to work on it yesterday because we went out for drinks (it's my birthday on Monday) and I spent the day watching Andy Murray play, doing my nails and typing up a couple of blog posts.
Escolhi a Butterflies are Free. Estava na minha lista há muito tempo e agora eu finalmente vou poder fazê-las. A kal começou ontem e meu progresso foi razoável. Não encostei nelas ontem pois não tive tempo.
It could have gone a little further if I hadn't been a bit of a dumbass, holding the yarn in opposite hands to what I should have done. I had almost finished the first butterfly and had to rip it back and re-knit it so that the contrasting colour (the cream) appeared a bit more prominent by being held in the left hand. 
Podia ter sido melhor se eu não fosse uma imbecil, segurando as linhas nas mãos trocadas. Tinha quase terminado a primeira borboleta quando percebi e tive que desmanchar e refazer para que o creme apareça melhor.

I didn't frog it all the way. Couldn't be bothered, really. I frogged the butterfly but left the first few colour work rows as they were. It's not so noticeable that it bothers me. I shall live with it and let it be a permanent reminder of how to hold your yarn when working with more than one colour!
Não desmanchei tudo. Não tive saco. Desmanchei só a borboleta. O resto vou deixar como está pra ser uma lembrança eterna do jeito certo de segurar as linhas quando se trabalha com mais de uma cor ao mesmo tempo!

The hashtag for the KAL is #NSSkal on ravelry, twitter and instagram - I can't link the IG feed here though.


  1. I've never done a KAL either! You can't really tell, I wouldn't have frogged either! And you're progress is good too, I'm only just getting this far!

    1. Oh, how cool! So does that mean our knitting souls are now forever connected?

  2. This is a beautiful start! You go on trying colorwork socks.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I'm very pleased with them and it's going so fast!

  3. Stunning !!!! I love your colourwork, I'm definitely going to learn how to do it this year. Deb x

    1. Oh, thank you! I'd definitely recommend having a go. I was terrified of it even though I went in a course to learn it. But since I got the hang of it I really enjoy it.


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