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{Grainline Studio} Farrow Dress

You know when you buy fabric and have absolutely no idea what you'll make with it? That happens to me all the bloody time sometimes. Case in point, this gorgeous Dashwood rayon I bought from Fabricate last year. As soon as I saw it, I fell in love with the colour and I knew I'd have to make something out of it. But since I didn't know what that was yet, in the fabric box it went and stayed there for some time... If you have read this blog for a little while, you will not be surprised to learn that I had never paid attention to the Grainline Studio Farrow dress. However, a few months ago Joy shared this post on Instagram and my brain went "We must make this, we must make this NOW!" Clearly, we didn't, as that happened in November and it is now the following March; but I filed the idea away for a later date.  A couple of weeks ago, I suddenly remembered the fabric was in my stash, matched it up with the pattern in my head and the plan was hatched.  The fabric …

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