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{embroidery} Not today!

I have something different to share today and I'm very excited about it: my first proper embroidery project. I did a bit of cross stitching when I was young and I have attempted hand embroidery in the past. But I've never finished anything other than a few cross stitch accents on tea towels - which I never use because I don't want to ruin them! 😂 I've always found embroidery beautiful but, for some reason, it just never grabbed me, even though I've tried to get into it numerous times. Last year I even bought a couple of kits from Oh Sew Bootiful. I started their beginner sampler earlier this year but it remained unfinished. Until this week! A few weeks ago, my best friend - who could never be arsed with any craft has never been crafty, despite her mum being an amazing crocheter and the one who taught me how to crochet - has really gotten into hand embroidery. She's sent me photos of her projects, posted stuff online and I decided I wanted to have a go as well…

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