{Tilly and the Buttons} Sunshiny Rosa dress

Yellow is the happiest colour. Fact.

Case in point, my Rosa dress by Tilly and the Buttons. See?

Hands up if you love Copenhagen!
I am very proud of my Rosa! It's probably the handmade item I'm most proud of to date. I did a good job all over. Though the collar stand is still a little iffy, but I'm sure that will come with practise. The only reason I'm a little disappointed with it is that there doesn't seem to be space for a top button.That's all. My machine freaked out on the top edges of the pockets as well, so they're not as tidy as I would've liked. But I'd already unpicked twice and the fabric was starting to look a little bit worse for wear. So I thought I'd better just leave it alone.

I made this through the online workshop which was really great. The videos are clear and well made. And I learned a lot from it. The pattern also comes with a shirt variation and you can download the full sleeve if you wish. There are instructions for how to assemble it on Tilly's blog - which I will try soon.
Lovely pointed back yoke
The fit was spot on, as always. The dress is shaped with princess seams, which are incredibly flattering. There's a lot of added details as well, which I love. Like the poinnted, curved back yoke. It was a bit scary to sew but it looks lovely. And the button tab on the sleeves is so cute as well.
Cute button tab and yay for star buttons!
The fabric is a gorgeous cotton poplin - yes, it's all I ever use. But it's lovely to cut, sew and press, it's good in cold and warm weather, I love wearing it and it's durable. This one was bought - I *think* - in Norfolk, a couple of years ago.

I see a few more Rosas in my future. I already another version cut out and I plan on making a shirt version, too.

Oh, except the Nyhavn picture, all the others were taken at Lake Windermere this weekend. My husband did his 2nd triathlon and a great time was had by all - although I'm not sure how applicable this is to the ones who took part in the triathlon... I love the Lake District. How was your weekend?


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