{sewing} Colette Moneta - yet again!

Hello again! Today we're at the Colosseum and sporting a Colette Patterns Moneta dress. If I haven't made it clear before, I bloody love this pattern! This is my THIRD, yes, third version of it and I'm absolutely thrilled with how this one turned out. Although, there's a MASSIVE fail on the back which I'll explain soon.
Colette Moneta
The pattern is still awesome, easy to follow, easy to make and I'm sure I'll make it again and again. The fabric I used is a horse print, viscose jersey - I think - from trusty old Fabworks. They posted it on their instagram feed just before we went away and I had to have it. It was a bit of a pain to sew with because it's so slinky. It doesn't take much for it to slip and slide all over the place. I love the print!
Colette Moneta
It's so comfy to wear! Very lightweight. I was worried it might be too fine - therefore a bit see-through - but it's perfect.
I didn't have enough fabric to cut the skirt back on the fold. So I cut it in 2 halves and seamed them together. I also bound the sleeves and the neck then topstitched on the outside, catching the seam allowance on the inside. My machine gave me so much grief with this fabric! And I don't know why. However, I was exhausted while making this, so user error is quite possibly the reason.
Colette Moneta
My hem looks all over the place in these photos but I promise it isn't. I did forget to press the hem after I finished it though. While I was wearing it, it wasn't noticeable and, now that it's been pressed, it looks fine. This dress was the last thing I made during my sewing marathon, so my mind wasn't quite as fresh as it should've been...
Colette Moneta
Case in point, the photo below... Yep, my overlocker chewed a massive, b*stard hole there! Ai, ai, ai... I could've cried. I did a little. Lesson learned: never keep sewing until stoopid o'clock, when you've already been going for 4 days! And then I thought "Well, if I wear a belt or a cardigan over it, it should cover it up. Plus, it's on my back so I don't have to look at it all the time..." And that's what I did. I'm very glad about it because it is hardly noticeable, unless you are actively looking for it. Which, if you are, well... You are a creep and can get right far away from me right now, thank you! 
Colette Moneta
The Colosseum is incredible, by the way! Such a powerful structure, even in its current state of ruin. I can just imagine what it must've been like in all its glory during Roman times. And if you're planning on going, don't bother with the pre-booked tickets like we did. So many people had that the "beat the queue" queue was 4 or 5 times longer than the queue to buy tickets on the day. We had to wait in line for over an hour and people who were buying them at the door were just going straight in. Annoying. Totally worth it though, so when in Rome... ;)

Oh, and I'm taking part in Me Made May this year: a challenge that encourages people to wear their handmade stuff throughout the month of May. Each participant sets their own challenge, depending on what they're hoping to achieve, find out or change. I'll be documenting my efforts on my instagram feed. My pledge is to wear at least one item made by me, every day during the month of May. Will I be able to do it? I hope so, but I need to the weather to improve quickly or I'll be living in the same couple of pieces that are appropriate for cold weather - yes, I need to sew more warmer things.

See you next time!


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